aashto_r18Chemistry of Concrete has demonstrated proficiency for the testing of construction materials and has met the minimum requirements in AASHTO R18 set forth by the AAHSTO Highway Subcomittee on Materials. The scope of acccreditation can be obtained by viewing the AAP Directories of Accredited Laboratories (www.arml.net) or by contacting AMRL.

We specialize in the evaluation and analytical chemistry of mineral and cementitious materials. Attorneys, Public Agencies, Material Suppliers, and Material Distributors value our services. In Quality Control and Forensic Investigations of Concrete, Stucco, Rock, and Plaster materials, it is often necessary to evaluate the percentage and type of mineral and admixture components. There are numerous techniques available to evaluate mix designs before and after hydration has occurred. If a material fails to meet the project, performance, or durability requirements, it is necessary to design a set of tests or screening procedures in order to proceed with construction or to restore profitability. We can take advantage of the many analytical tests available in order to solve problems quickly.

Chemistry of Concrete is permitted by the USDA to receive soil material (permit number P330-11-00361).

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